Amanda Hannaford Spinning Workshop

11-12 March 2017, workshop time tbc.  Talk at 2 pm

Amanda will be teaching a technical workshop, focusing on both woollen and worsted techniques, as well as looking at how to spin different fibres using these skills, including cashmere.  Bookings open in January.

She will give a talk on Saturday afternoon – The Qaria Project –  about her experiences in Afganistan, teaching a women’s co-operative to spin and knit cashmere

Amanda will bring some cashmere fibres to sell, along with some of her own dyed samples

Jan Beadle Shibori Weaving Workshop

14-15 October, workshop time tbc.  Talk at 2 pm

Jan’s talk will be about her weaving journey and she will bring some samples of her work to share.

Past workshops

12-13 March 2016 – Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth “Dyer Extraordinaire”


dyed topsFreyalyn is a long-term, addicted dyer, spinner and knitter. She has a blog and an etsy shop, both entitled Freyalyn’s Fibres, and many of you will have seen her at Woolfest and Yarndale, with her fabulous, inventive colourways. She specialises in dying fibres for spinners, and you can view some of her breathtaking ideas on:

Dyeing Workshop

Freyalyn will be bringing her fabulous ideas on dyeing to run a workshop about painting fibres, skeins and warps: a workshop for spinners, weavers and dyers

Her talk – Things What I have Made – is an updated version of an old favourite. She’ll be sharing some of her hand-spun hand-knitted garments, which are always unusual and often adventurous, and asking for volunteers to try them on!

Freyalyn will also be bringing some of her gorgeous dyed fibres to sell.

8-9 October 2016 – Alison Daykin, Textile Designer & Tutor


workshops_clip_image002Alison has been teaching spinning, weaving & dyeing for thirty years. Learning to weave at the age of eight years old, she went on to study weaving and textile design, winning several awards along the way. This enabled her to set up her own bespoke weaving business – Alison Yule Textiles – which draws its inspiration from the Peak District, and proudly operates with a sustainable environmental policy. She co-authored the stunningly beautiful book Creative Spinning with Jane Deane, and recently taught her course Design For The Terrified at the Association Summer School.

Design & Spinning Workshop

Based on her Design For The Terrified Workshop, Alison will share ideas on successful sketchbooking, helping participants to translate their ideas into spinning samples.

For her talk, Alison will tell the story of how the book ‘Creative Spinning’ was written. She will be bringing with her the samples used in the book.

You can find her website at