Chair’s Challenge 2018

Chair’s Kendal Pattern Book Challenge AND our 60th Anniversary Celebration in 2019

This year’s Chair’s Challenge will be linked to the 50th Anniversary Kendal Pattern Book project.  Ten years ago we spun, dyed and wove samples to recreate the original pattern book of 1769 and produced our own printed book.  It was a truly exceptional endeavour and for those of us who weren’t around, it’s a good excuse to bring out the facsimile and other related items to Guild throughout the year for others to see. 

Farfield Mill is intending to display these items on Level 4 where many of our members volunteer.

Ten years on we are inviting all members to look at these patterns and use them to draw on their own inspiration.  It could be colour, or pattern, or yarn type or something else. 

Everyone should produce a page about their work so that we can complete a scrap book as a memento of the project.  Group efforts are welcome, and you are encouraged to self-organise.

For the challenge:  Either learn a new skill, or push yourself to do something technically harder or more complex than you have tried before.  If you would like to work with a group, or link up with someone who could help you to improve your skills but don’t know who to speak to (or are a bit shy) please email Ali using the Guild email address.