Chair’s Challenge 2019

All members were presented with either yarn or fibre which had been dyed in the same way by Katie Weston of Hill Top Cloud.  It was Grey with areas of green and silver stellina throughout.  Alongside came the following instructions.  We hope to share the results online in June 2020.

The Challenge…                   

As it is the 60th year of the existence of our Guild it seemed appropriate to step outside the norm, (without setting a precedent) and use it as an  excuse to treat everyone to a surprise.     

  1. With a little consultation the colour was chosen as one easy to incorporate with others. 
  2. As it is a special year a little glitz was necessary.   
  3. Now it is up to you to incorporate it into an item of your choice                                                             

Using your gift as a starting point only.  What could you do?      

  • Use as it is presented?
  • Over-dye?
  • Blend with other colours?
  • Make additions, beads, curls……..?

Let your imagination run wild.                                                                                                                                                                                         Whatever you decide, please return with it in a completely different form in June 2020.

I can’t wait to see what all you talented folk come up with.