Information for Members

The Guild is run by a Committee elected from the membership, which meets at least 3 times a year.  We hold our AGM in December.

The hall opens at 10.00am. Our meetings usually run between 10.00am-4.00pm.

Afternoon talks generally start at 2.00pm unless otherwise stated.

Members usually bring a packed lunch. Lunch is when you are hungry but remember that we have an information meeting around 1pm.

Our programme and the exact running order can vary slightly from month to month but we send out an email with exact details about a week before the Guild Day.

What happens on a Saturday morning?

Members bring their spinning wheels, looms and knitting needles and enjoy a good catch-up. There is space for anyone to bring something they’ve been working on and ask for advice.

The Library is open and you can borrow or return books.

You can organise equipment loan.

Members who’ve been to workshops may bring in samples to show.

Sometimes there are organised activities which you may wish to take part in.

You can often find stash for sale.

What are all the bits of paper on the tables by the door?

On the left hand side of the door as you enter is a table with a attendance register

Please sign in on arrival so we can check names in a fire drill if necessary and put your 50p tea money in the collection bowl.

This table can also be used by the treasurer at varying times throughout the year – subscription renewal, signing up for workshops etc.

On the right hand side as you enter is the Noticeboard Table which includes:

  • Responsibility List/Details (LLWSD team)
  • Membership List (names only)
  • Equipment List/Details
  • Hospitality List/Details
  • Purple File (copies of recent communications)
  • Other information (leaflets, equipment for sale)

Where can I get a cup of tea/coffee?       

Help yourself to tea and coffee from the kitchen any time during the day.  Drinks and biscuits are served by a couple of volunteers from the hatch after the talk has finished in the afternoon. 

Are there any customs I should know about?

Out of courtesy we have agreed that we won’t eat, spin or knit during business meetings, talks or show and tell (and similar) events.

We ask members to help by volunteering to help out with

  • making & serving tea & biscuits from the hatch in the afternoon
  • providing a simple lunch for visiting speakers and partners (£10 provided towards the costs)
  • providing B&B for Speakers who need overnight accommodation. (£15.00 per person per night provided towards cost.)
  • giving a vote of thanks at the end of a talk

(See the Hospitality List on the noticeboard table by the door &/or talk with the Hospitality Team)

How do I use the Library?

The Library is open during the morning and closes after lunch.

Our Librarian or one of the team will explain the borrowing system to you.

You can take out as many books as you like for two months.  The library has around 300 books stored in a cupboard in the storeroom at the rear of the hall.  Feel free to browse.

How do I borrow equipment?

Check the list to see what we have for loan and then check with the Equipment Co-ordinator to for availability – a returnable deposit of £20 is required. Equipment is distributed/stored with individual members of the guild so arrangements will need to be made for you to collect the item you wish to borrow (or for them to bring the equipment to the next meeting for you).

An Equipment Box is available during meetings with various items that you might need including screwdrivers and a niddy noddy for spinners.

How do I know what the Committee has decided?

All members are entitled to attend meetings as an observer but are asked to arrive punctually and reminded not to contribute. The main decisions are shared verbally at the following lunchtime meeting.

How can I catch up if I miss a meeting?

The minutes of the lunchtime meetings are emailed out to members and/or a copy can be found in the purple file.  We also send out a monthly Guild Gossip the week before the meeting together with information from the Association Newsletter (and copies of these are also in the purple file).

If you don’t use email please tell us so we can find you a ‘buddy’.

What is the Guild Challenge?

Every year the Chair challenges the members with a project and everyone is invited to participate.  The only rule is that whatever you produce must consist primarily of at least one of our core skills or weaving, spinning or dyeing. Currently the challenge is presented in June at a members’ show and tell event when the next challenge will be presented.

Do you exhibit?

Yes – we submit our work to the National Association’s exhibition which runs every 2 years and usually have our own exhibition on the alternate year. We take part in the Kendal Wool Gathering in October and have also demonstrated and/or taken part in other local events (eg Lakes Charity Classic Vehicle Show, Silverdale Arts Trail, Westmoreland County Show).

How do I find out about other groups in the area?

A list of local groups recommended by members is included within the purple information file.

December 2019