Skills Share & Swap Initiative

Overseen by Skill Share Co-ordinator*

*This process is under review.

Imagine a weaving, spinning or dyeing skill you’d like to learn, but don’t know where.

Write it on the “Wish List”.

Do YOU have a skill that you’ve passed on to others at various times, or that appears on the “Wish List” – and that you don’t mind burbling about again?

Write it on the “On offer” with your name in the “Tutor” space, and “My home” (if not at Yealand) in the “Venue” space.

See a skill you fancy in the “On offer”

Put your name in one of the “Delegates” spaces.

For each full day of tuition (6 hrs: 09.30 to 16.30, 1 hour off for lunch), the delegate donates £10 to

Lancs & Lakes.

A half day (3 hrs, either morning, afternoon or evening) costs only £5.

However, Skill Shares, as part of a Guild day, will be free…

Each Tutor, on completion of a session of tuition is entitled to a FREE session at someone else’s Skill Share. Obviously, a half day gets you a free half day! 2 half days gets you a free full day.

The Date and Venue will be stated at the outset by the volunteering tutor, and up to 6 members may then sign up. The first 4 will get the workshop, with one or both ‘standby’ either called if someone cancels, or are guaranteed first places in the next (same) course.

A skill can be something as complex as “weaving for beginners” or as straightforward as a half day washing a single hank of handspun… for the nervous novice!

Come on… Get learning, sharing or simply DOING!

NB – a delegate standby list is shown on the lists. This is for last-minute cancellations. DO make sure, if entered as a ‘standby’, that you are available on the proposed date, in case you are ‘phoned, “last minute”