How to borrow equipment

Check that the item you want to borrow is not already out on loan. The current “on-loan” list is located in the Equipment Folder. If it is out on loan, add your name to the reserve list.

If the item is not out on loan:

  • Complete the borrowing form (in the Equipment Folder), and take it, with the deposit, to the Treasurer. Your deposit will be banked, and returned on return of the equipment in good condition.
  • Arrange to pick the item up from the Equipment Co-ordinator.

Items may be borrowed for up to 3 months, with the exception of the tapestry frame, which may be borrowed for up to 1 year. Be aware that if there is a demand for that item, you will not be able to keep it beyond the 3 month loan period, so plan projects accordingly. If, after the 3 month loan period, no-one else wishes to borrow the item, you may renew your loan by noting it on the “on-loan” list.

To return an item: Arrange to return the item to the Equipment Co-ordinator. On return, you will be given an equipment receipt, which you should take to the Treasurer, for a refund of your deposit.

Anyone borrowing Guild equipment is liable for the maintenance of that equipment, i.e. it should be returned in as good condition as it was when borrowed. In the event that an item is damaged while in the possession of a member, that member is liable for the cost of any repairs. Normal wear and tear of equipment (e.g. breaking of string heddles) is the financial responsibility of the Guild, but nonetheless members should either repair the problem, or bring it to the attention of the Equipment Co-ordinator.

Guild equipment available for loan


  • Tapestry frame 1
  • Tapestry frame 3
  • 8 shaft Ashford table loom (16”)
  • Floor standing inkle loom
  • Warping frame
  • Raddle
  • Cloth roller-dryer 1
  • Cloth roller-dryer 2


  • Drum carder
  • Ashford electric spinner
  • Electric spinner (donated in memory of Enid Boardman)
  • Ashford spinning wheel with 3 bobbins
  • Timbertops double drive spinning wheel
  • Navajo spindle